Full Stack Development

Charicha Gaming Landing Page

Charicha Gaming

Gaming community site, focused on Competitive scene. i.e. Tournaments, Leagues, Challenges, etc

OMS Android App Playstore

OMS Android App

An Android app that can manage your order, notify new orders, print receipts, and more. It is a companion app for TastyIgniter.

prompters.dev Landing page


prompters.dev is a community with a diverse range of AI-powered tools & our people share how to use those tools best.

Futsal House Landing Page

Futsal House

Futsal MatchMaking site, focused on solving match making problems with other players, teams, etc

My UK Builder Landing Page

My UK Builder

A beautiful construction company website, with a custom CMS to manage the content.

Charicha Internal Application

Company Management Soft.

Internal Software to help manage employees, finance, etc.. of a Company.

Charicha Institute Landing

Charicha Institute

Charicha Institute Official Website. Students Profiles, Blogs system, etc.

ADBS Converter

ADBS Converter

Quick ADBS Date Converter Tool lets you quickly convert AD date to BS date.